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Scams & worries about job offers

There are a rash of job scams at the moment. Being in training, I worry about things like Time To Teach or (Sometimes These kinds of companies offer “training” to teachers, then assure them that they will make a small fortune selling it. (Yeah right.)

We have a simple piece of advice. Go with the non-profits, or good public sector programs.

Any time that someone asks you to pay them for work, run. There are thousands of reputable non-profit companies and entrepreneurial startups in the education world. There are many public sector entrepreneurial educational programs that will help you. Email me if you need these details. Don’t get entangled with people (especially national or international groups) whom you do not know from Adam, and whose hands are stretching out for your check.

Resumes of great people

I only place resumes here if I know the person concerned, and think that our region can benefit from their talents.

No resumes available at present, but email me at if you are looking for a multi-lingual employee, or something with a masters in entrepreneurship. I’ll help you find someone (and it’s free :).