Parkinson’s Disease

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Lightning Medical Research (LMR) is focused on rapidly accelerating progress in scientific research of selected progressive diseases. LMR implements this goal by establishing a direct, real-time relationship between patients and scientific researchers, while fully incorporating doctors into this triad.

The traditional model of disease-related data collection tends to put doctors between patients and researchers, restricting data collection to “doctor sanitized” channels. These are significantly constrained by the limited time doctors can spent with each patient. Scientific researchers are then left to “guess” which hypotheses to test in new controlled studies, aimed at finding a cure or developing new symptom treatments.

LMR connects patients, researchers, doctors, and care-givers directly in real time and removes all incentives to any constituents for failing to act as a global community in the collective effort to eradicate disease.
Scientific researchers can obtain real-time data from an ever-expanding global patient database through LMR, which is perpetually analyzed mathematically to identify innovative and often unexpected lines of new investigative research.