Invisible Diseases

The ribbons of invisible disease represents the misery of millions of people, struggling with pain, lack of energy, nausea or that feeling of being unable to cope.

Chronic Migraine

Chronic Migraine

Fear is a big component of these conditions. People become isolated, fearing to make commitments in case they will not feel well enough to keep them. It seems better to withdraw from the world and save one’s limit energy for survival, rather than reach out and then disappoint others or be a burden.

Except the people whom I know with these diseases are more than wonderful, and are a gift to the world. Their wisdom, love, empathy, creativity and insight offer so much value, and it is so easy to offer a little support in return.

Some knowledge and understanding and these millions of people are worth billions to our economies, and incalculable joy to those around them.

Meniere's Disease

Meniere’s Disease

This part of my personal website ( a work in progress) is dedicated to my husband Hilton, who has always understood my chronic daily migraine headaches and migraines, and to my sons, Greg and Graeme who inherited the tendency and yet have always supported me too. It is also dedicated to Graeme for his courage in the face of both cdh/migraine and Meniere’s disease, and my brother Bruce, as he deals with Parkinsons.

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

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