Educational Toy Project Kit

What it is:

This make-a-toy-kit grew our of our work as trainers of middle and high-school teens. We use many techniques to train entrepreneurship, problem solving, critical thinking and confidence. This is highly successful.

How this works:

We have long experience of working with all types of learning disabilities. We work with eye-hand coordination. spacial perception, hyperactivity and social skills.Educational toy making kit for all ages

This kit has everything needed to make the red alpaca next to the postal box.

Well-planned crafting is hugely successful as a personal, family or group/class activity. It creates confidence and many sub-skills.

What is in the kit?

– One cut out and pinned Alpaca and one reel of matching thread.
– One sewing kit by Singer (see picture).
– Neck ribbon (in a color of your choosing).
– High-end crafter’s filling for your alpaca.
– A thin wooden rod (“chopstick”) to help you fill corners with filling (stuffing).
– A basic saddle and attachment strap in canvas.
– Braid (in a color of your choosing) to edge the saddle (in a color of your choosing).
– Buttons for the base of the eyes to sew on securely though the head.
– Eyes to glue the eyes safely and securely onto the buttons.
– One spare button and one spare eye.
– Superglue for gluing on eyes.
– Toothpick for applying superglue.
– Instructions for beginners.
– Instructions for experienced sewers.


We make these as part of our work with at-risk teens, but will make these for other groups of at-risk young people.  Just email  Each make-a-toy-kit includes detailed instructions. Here are some pictures of alpacas made by some of our students: Pakkies by girls.pages