I love the concept of AIrbnb and it can be a great way to see Tampa Bay. Other options are, Roomerama etc. We’ve hosted international students and¬†Moffitt cancer patients before in own house, and traveled in many countries where B&B signs hang at random from houses and farms. This idea works.

Some years ago, I did a project with USF doctoral students. What do visitors to Tampa Bay want? The projects were fascinating, and added many new insights to my own soft landing work.

At the moment, we are so busy with work that we have blocked off all dates on, etc. Mail me at if you would like to stay with us, and I’ll see if it is a good time. We make a special effort to welcome international visitors, visitors to the universities or Moffitt Cancer Center, or to people doing business in Tampa Bay. is great because you:

  • Choose the price range you want.
  • Get help and support from people who know the area really well.
  • Check references from people who have stayed at the accommodation sites.
  • Ensure that you have 24 hour backup service from a professional worldwide organization.
  • Ensure safety for your payment, and have insurance etc.
  • Use the site to book accommodation all over the world.

New Tampa details: These look “fully booked” on line but we have space. Please email to discuss. We will open up dates if needed. We only accept visitors through Airbnb, Wimdu or Roomerama.

  1. Queen suite, with pool, lake, wifi, guest lounge etc. Includes breakfast.
  2. King suite, with pool, lake, wifi, guest lounge etc Includes breakfast. This has a futon for an extra person.
  3. Both the king suite and queen suite (the house has three master-suites, so each is suitable for two people. The king suite has a futon couch. Includes breakfast.
  4. This accommodation is suitable for international visitors, business, academic or medical visitors (including Moffitt Cancer center patients and their families).
  5. We really like international visitors, middle-aged or older couples, or people whom we can help in some unusual way. The ground floor suite is wheel-chair accessible.